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Why List for $3500 with RealtyZoom?

We bring home sellers the best value full service listing in the industry.
No one else even comes close to the value of service we provide.

Maximum Exposure

Get listed on your local MLS And 100's of top real estate sites (Zillow, Trulia, & More)

Every Buyer in the Market will see Your Listing 

Fast and Easy

Quickly upload and manage your listing(s) with RealtyZoom's easy to use interface.

Get listed in just 24 hours.

Amazing Results

Endless testimonials from our extremely satisfied clients is what keeps us excited about the positive change we are creating in the industry.

A Complete Service for the Result you want

Our Expert Agents use the latest in technology to get you Your Ultimate Outcome

Eliminate Hassle & Stress 

We eliminate the hassle and stress of trying to sell to sell a home on your own.  Our trained professional agents and our E&O insurance will help you sleep easy knowing that your interests in the sales transaction are being protected.  Our team will prepare and review all the documentation needed for a smooth closing. 

Sell for more

We get maximum exposure for your listing by post it to your local MLS and 100s of sites across the internet.  We get in front of every Buyer in your Market.  Additionally our agents are experts at negotiating will go to bat for you to get you the best price for your property.

Huge Savings

Our clients have saved more than $21,000,000 over the last 10 years.  How much will you save?  Click the button below to talk with one of our experienced agents for a better understanding of what this number looks like for you.  We want to help you keep as much of your equity as possible.

Find out how much you can save! 

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Our Clients Rave About Their Results

Carol T.​

Corona, CA

The house had a buyer just one day after listing it Amazing! Your system really works and I would certainly use you again

Steve M.​

San Diego, CA

A million thanks. What an incredible service you provide - I've already told 3 people about you.​

Michael K.​

San Diego, CA

We were very happy with the service. We saved about $15K on our transaction which will go a long way towards the upgrade of our new house.​

Jim L.​

Torrance, CA

You're the best agent I've ever had.​

Loren and Lynn​

Pleasanton, CA

We loved your service! We saved about 15,000 dollars!!! ​

William B.​

Granada Hills, CA

My savings consisted of approximately $14,000

Benefits that you want

Here's a list of some of the Features included with our $3500 Flat Fee Full Service Listing

Listing posted to local Realtor MLS

Cancel Listing any time*

*Cancel any time per listing agreement terms. You can cancel your listing at anytime and nothing additional would be due to RealtyZoom, as long as the listing is not pending and you have rejected all offers you have received.

Fully Represented in the Sale

Broker E&O Insurance Protection 

Open House Posting

Contract review and Counseling 

Contract and Disclosure preparation 

Coordination with all parties

Expert Negotiations on your behalf 

Digital copy of transaction file 

Once the transaction has closed we will send you a digital copy of the organized transaction file for your records.

Syndication to 100's of Top Sites 

Fast, Easy and Paperless

RealtyZoom is NOT your average Real Estate Brokerage

RealtyZoom's team of technology and industrial innovators along with our expert real estate professionals are game changing the real estate industry.


RealtyZoom has broken the home selling mold by providing sellers the ability to sell their home without the need to hire a high cost real estate agent


For the past nine years RealtyZoom has been providing home sellers with the most affordable and effective way to sell their home so they can keep as much of their hard earned equity as possible.

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